We are pleased to announce the new dates for the final conference and the final meeting of EDU:PACT, both of which will be hosted online by the University of Vienna on March 2, 2021.

The Final EDU:PACT Conference will be open to the public and discuss project results, give an insight into the topic of intercultural integration through sport and provide an opportunity for the exchange between experts. Futher information and a detailed program will follow soon.

The Final Meeting (project partners only) will be used to present, exchange and discuss project results, achievements and insights of the project as well as the challenges the project had to face. The progress of the work with regard to the project's objectives will be analyzed and possible differences between the expected work and the actual work will be discussed. Possible impacts and the main remaining dissemination activities (including after the project) will be presented. Final reporting obligations and financial aspects will be clarified.

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