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Planning and Delivering Sessions

After exploring the importance of understanding yourself and understanding others, this unit aims to prepare coaches and physical education teachers to plan effective programs designed to contribute to intercultural education. However, what key concepts are important to consider when designing such programs? Which educational goals should be established? How should coaches and physical education teachers deal with conflicts that may emerge when working with people of diverse backgrounds?

Section 1

Establish goals for educational programs >

Discusses the topic of educational goals within the context of intercultural education programs, the different stages of designing such programs, the dimensions of social inclusion and social exclusion and some aspects of effective sport-based intercultural education programs.

Section 2

Intercultural learning through sport >

Presents some of the main processes through which sport and physical activity can support intercultural education outcomes.

Section 3

Diversity management >

Highlights common issues that may arise when delivering intercultural sport programs and potential barriers related to mixed and separate sport clubs and women participating in sport.

Section 4

Planning and implementing intercultural learning sessions >

Provides success factors for intercultural learning sessions and an overview of different opportunities to promote intercultural learning during a training session.

Review your knowledge >

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