EDU:PACT Greek National Multiplier Event at the University of Thessaly

Interactive online seminar

8/12/2020,   14:00 – 18:45 (CET)


This online webinar is focusing on the training of sports educators, coaches and trainers at all levels regarding intercultural education. The mentality of inclusive intercultural sports has been developed through the EU-funded ERASMUS+ project (EDU-PACT) “Intercultural Education through Physical Activity, Coaching and Training”. Self-reflection, the ability to understand others, planning and delivering intercultural sessions and self-assessment as well as the ability to evaluate the delivered courses are the main core of the aforementioned program.


(14:00 – 14:15)  Welcome and introduction to the ideas of the program

Athanasios Papaioannou, Dean of School of Physical Education and Sport Sciences of the University of Thessaly

(14:15 - 14:30) Short introduction to the project

Eleftheria Papageorgiou, PhD researcher

(14:30 – 15:15) Understanding myself – definitions and characteristics of effective coaching

Eleftheria Papageorgiou, PhD researcher

Pause (10’)

(15:25 - 16:10) Understanding others – stereotypes, leadership, cultural sensitivity

Eleftheria Papageorgiou, PhD researcher

Pause (10’)

(16:20 – 17:15) Planning and delivering sessions – conflict resolution, collaborative activities

Eleftheria Papageorgiou, PhD researcher

Pause (10’)

(17:25 – 18:10) Monitoring and evaluation – observation and self-assessment

Eleftheria Papageorgiou, PhD researcher

(18:10 – 18:25) A participant’ s observer thoughts

Terry Ann Chalandri, mental and performance coach

(18:25 – 18.35) Participants’ feedback (online forms)

(18:35 – 18:45) Group discussion – Questions and answers

Contact details for registration and further information to the event will follow soon.

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