German National Event

For our Dissemination Event (29.01.2021, 12:00-15:00), we used a small, ‘flipped’ discussion format. German Sport University students were divided into small groups and asked to review the content of the EDU:PACT handbook and toolkit. Then, based on their findings, the groups prepare 4-5 questions or comments for the national project leaders.

This flipped format allowed the students to ask questions most relevant to them while also providing opportunities for feedback and reflection. Following the individual discussions with the four groups, we presented the research findings and curriculum of EDU:PACT, as well as the future plans for implementation and development. The slides from the event can be found here, and the schedule is below.

12:10-12:35Group 1 Discussion
12:35-13:00Group 2 Discussion
13:10-13:35Group 3 Discussion
13:35-14:00Group 4 Discussion 
14:20-15:00Presentation / Discussion
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